How to get free coins on Flirtila

How to get free coins on Flirtila

The best part about this coin system is that you’re not the only one spending coins to reach out and please the other party. If she buys coins to reply to your messages or send you a picture, she definitely likes you. Love is not one-sided on this site.

How to register and about functions

Flirtila has a very easy and uncomplicated registration process compared to most sites. You’re required to key in your personal details such as your username, email, age, location and gender. Once you submit the initial registration details, you’ll gain access to your dashboard.

It’s as easy as that. However, you’re expected to verify your profile and your email later on for security purposes. You can access your account through your phone, tablet or computer using your password and OurTime review username.

It’s also possible to edit and tweak your profile by changing photos and adding interests. The more details you add to your profile the higher your chances of meeting the right people.

Who should use Flirtila?

Pretty much anyone can use the site regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race or marital status. However, this is a site meant to bring fun lovers together. It’s not the kind of site that will match you up with a marriage partner, though you never know where flirting will get you.

It’s the kind of site that matches you up with people looking for fun, flirting, online dating and casual hangouts. If you’re looking for something serious immediately, Flirtila may not be the best option for you.

The site is however perfect for open-minded people who want to take it slow but are willing to go with the flow of whomever they meet. If you’re a divorcee trying to get back in the game as you learn how to flirt again, Flirtila should be your next home.

Also, if you’re a traveler who often gets bored spending time alone in foreign countries, this site will help you meet new people in foreign countries, flirt with them and have a little fun without getting too attached. In a nutshell, Flirtila is an in-between kind of dating site; it’s never that serious but the users are mature.


One of the security and confidentiality features that stand out when using this site is how they treat your transactions once you purchase coins. Flirtila takes security and privacy so seriously that your bank statements appear with the name “Number65 Ltd” instead of Flirtila.

In addition, you’re allowed to sign up with a username which is not necessarily your real name, thus protecting your identity. Lastly, Flirtila uses a 3 step verification process, whereby you verify your email address and profile after registration to prevent identity theft.


In summary, Flirtila performs well compared to other popular dating sites. It caters to the needs of many people who want some attention and a bit of flirting without dealing with the pressure to commit there and then. Its design and user interface makes it easier to find the perfect match. Flirtila is definitely worth trying out if you’re an in-between kind of person, who plays safe but with an open mind.

You can register on Flirtila for free, there are no membership charges. Flirtila provides you with free coins and you have to use these coins to send messages.

The coins do not cost much and they’re worth it if you really like someone. For instance, 200 coins (which is the lowest amount you can purchase) cost 9 euros while 8000 coins (highest number of coins) cost 199 euros.

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