Bhavi Hospitality Catering services

Why Choose Us

Our Tailored Programs

Industry Experts Sent For R&D

The information we gather coupled with our extensive knowledge of support service management will provide you with the options you need to contain costs and guarantee performance

Well Trained Staff Only

Our focus is on teaching our employees about health and hygiene, work place safety procedures (Fire Fighting etc) to ensure detailing, quality, security and 100% client leo.

Most Technologically Advanced Kitchen Equipment

Our kitchens are optimized for serving large groups with minimal or no wastage in terms of time and other resources. This is possible with the help of state of the art kitchen appliances and equipment that help enhance performance.

Balanced And Healthy Meals Assured

Every serving goes through a stringent check process before being passed as safe. A decade of experience in serving patients and the public has helped refine and upgrade our quality standards to almost perfection

Quality Control Standards

A-Grade Raw Material

Check Expiry Dates

Regular pest control

Waste Management

Well – Trained Staff

Presentation of The Food

Cleaning of Cooking Areas

Hygiene Maintenance with proper uniform, gloves & cap

Daily Washing

Water Quality Assessment